Andrea Leonard

Belk Library: Room 255
Bibliographic Services
Electronic Access Librarian
Assistant Professor


  • Master of Appalachian Studies, Culture concentration, Appalachian State University, in progress
  • Master of Library and Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, 2005
    Digital Collection Internship: Dr. Charles Goodsell Collection, Digital Library and Archives, Newman Library, 
         Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia, Summer & Fall 2004
  • Bachelor of Arts in French, Virginia Tech, 1999, Summa Cum Laude, Commonwealth Scholar

Library Responsibilities:

Ensure a seamless and transparent electronic/digital research environment for students and faculty through managing the electronic access to resources, including trouble-shooting and developing preventative maintenance workflows.

Scholarly Interests:

  • Electronic access workflows; metadata and digital management
  • Electronic access troubleshooting and I.T. culture
  • Appalachian Studies Programs and Appalachian Special Collections, building stronger partnerships
  • Technology, globalization, and Appalachia's identity: past, present, and future
  • French culture presence and influence on Appalachia

Service Interests:

  • Digital Humanities projects
  • Peer-reviewing and editing scholarly writing
  • Building bibliographies


Library Science

Johnson, M., Leonard, A. A., & Wiswell, J. (2015). “Deciding to Change OpenURL Link Resolvers.” Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship 27(1):10-25. Available online:

Leonard, A. A. (2012). Conference Report on Rick Anderson’s presentation, “Is the Journal Dead? Possible Futures for Serial Scholarship” in “NASIG 2012 Conference Reports,” NASIG Newsletter 27(3):7. Available online:

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Appalachian Studies - Cultural and Social History

Pollitt, Phoebe and Andrea A. Leonard. "A Caring for Communities in 'The Land of the Sky': Health Care Institutions and Asheville Multiculturalism, 1880s-1920s." The Journal of the North Carolina Association of Historians 22 (2014) : 1-31.
(Winner of the North Carolina Association of Historians 2014 Brewster Award)