Beth Cramer

Belk Library: Room 259
Resource Acquisition and Management
Coordinator of Resource Acquisition and Management

Library Responsibilities

  • Coordinate a team of fifteen members; includes Metadata, E-Resources, and Acquisitions
  • Cataloging, Metadata, E-Book Management, Project Coordinator
  • Select materials and serves as liaison for Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Service Interests

  • ALA (American Libraries Association)
    • IRRT (International Relations Round Table)

Scholarly Interests

  • International Sustainable Library Development
  • Changing Role of Technical Services
  • Global Librarianship in Higher Education

Recent Publications

  • Cramer, E.E. & Hickok, J. (2015). ALA disaster relief for Nepal: Impact on libraries. International Leads. 29(2), 6-7.
  • Cramer, E.E., Vallejo Canedo, G., and Veltze, L. (2015). Bibliotéca Th’uruchapitas and Appalachian State University: Mutual benefits of sharing culture, resources, and hospitality between two Sister Libraries. Bookbird, 53(1), 76-83.
  • Bird, A., McBride, K.R. & Cramer, E.E. (2014). ACRL Standards for libraries in higher education: A path to creating a culture of assessment. College & Research Libraries News, 75(11), 614-618.
  • Cramer, E.E. & Boyd, J.D. (2013). The quest for sustainability in international library development: The experience of the Riecken Foundation. Collaborative Librarianship, 5(2), 70-81. 

Publications (Forthcoming)

  • Cramer, E.E. (Projected February, 2017). Partnering in international library development: Lubuto Library Project, Zambia Library Service, and Zambia’s Ministry of Education. In: C. Constantinou (Ed.) International librarianship: Developing professional, intercultural, and educational leadership. SUNY Press: Albany, New York.
  • Cramer, E.E. & Boyd, J.D (Projected December, 2016). L’Approche d’une bibliothéque univérsitaire americaine: la Belk Library, Appalachian State University. Université de Rennes.
  • Cramer, E.E. (Projected December, 2016). LIS education in America: The present, the past, and the future. Delhi: India International Centre.

Recent Presentations

  • Cramer, E.E. (2016, January 7). The changing role of libraries. American Center, Delhi, India.
  • Cramer, E.E. (2016, January 7). LIS education in America: The present, the past, and the future perspective. India International Centre, Delhi, India.
  • Cramer, E.E. & Leonard, A.A. (2015, October 22). Introduction to BIBFRAME and Linked Data. NCLA Biennial Conference. Greensboro, N.C.
  • Cramer, E.E. (2015, October 17). Biblioteca Th’uruchapitas and Appalachian State University: Mutual benefits of sharing culture, resources, and hospitality between two sister libraries. IX Congreso Nacional del IBBY. Cochabamba, Bolivia. 
  • Boyd, J.D. & Cramer, E.E. (2015, June 28). Collaboration or competition? The relationship between INGO’s and domestic efforts to support libraries in developing countries. Poster session at ALA Annual Conference, San Francisco, California.
  • Cramer, E.E. & Boyd, J.D. (2015, May 19). Film session: Super size me. People and Nature for a Sustainable Future Program. Northeastern University, Shenyang, China.
  • Cramer, E.E. & Shao, X. (2015, May 14). Higher education and graduate studies in the United States. American Studies Seminar. Shanghai University, Shanghai, China.

Contracts, Grants, and Special Research

  • Cramer, E.E. (2015). Harold Lancour Scholarship for Foreign Study. Sponsored by Beta Phi Mu International Honor Society. $1,750.00
  • Boyd, J.D. & Cramer, E.E. (2014). Room to Read and READ Global: The impact of international library development in Nepal. Sponsored by University Research Council, Appalachian State University. $2,900.00
  • Cramer, E.E., Davis, J.A. & Rice, S.E. (2014). Humans vs. Zombies. Sponsored by Martha and Nancy Lee Bivens University Funding for Excellence. $1,000.00
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