Faculty Directory

Name Title Email Phone number Office
Abbott, Lisa Education Librarian abbottlt@appstate.edu 828-262-2009 Belk Library: Room 169
Abbott, John Coordinator, Collection Management; Science Librar abbottjp@appstate.edu 828-262-2821 Belk Library: Room 227
Boyd, John Information Literacy Librarian boydjd@appstate.edu 828-262-2827 Belk Library: Room 136
Boye, Gary Music Librarian boyegr@appstate.edu 828-262-2389 Broyhill Music Center: Room 232
Browning, Greta Reference Archivist/Librarian browningge@appstate.edu 828-262-7702 Belk Library: Room 443
Cramer, Beth Coordinator of Bibliographic Services crameree@appstate.edu 828-262-4967 Belk Library: Room 256
Davis, Jewel Education Librarian davisja5@appstate.edu 828-262-2791 Belk Library: Room 033
DeHart, David IMC Librarian dehartdl@appstate.edu 828-262-8140 Belk Library: Room 037
Farison, Leslie Associate Dean of Libraries farisonll@appstate.edu 828-262-2789 Belk Library: Room 409
Fleming, Rachel Lead Acquisitions Librarian flemingrm@appstate.edu 828-262-2777 Belk Library: Room 258
Goldstein, Scott Web Librarian goldsteinsl@appstate.edu 828-262-6840 Belk Library: Room 367
Gregor, Margaret Instructional Materials Center Librarian gregormn@appstate.edu 828-262-8088 Belk Library: Room 036
Hay, Fred J. Librarian of the W L Eury Appalachian Collection, hayfj@appstate.edu 828-262-2887 Belk Library: Room 170
Johnson, Ken Coordinator of User Services johnsnkw@appstate.edu 828-262-2776 Belk Library: Room 144
Leonard, Andrea Metadata Librarian leonardaa@appstate.edu 828-262-7744 Belk Library: Room 255
McAllister, Alex Humanities Librarian mcallisterad@appstate.edu 828-262-8472 Belk Library: Room 226
McBride, Kelly Coordinator Information Literacy & Instruction mcbridekr@appstate.edu 828-262-2792 Belk Library: Room 202
McCallister, Kelly Distance Education Librarian mccallisterkc@appstate.edu 828-262-2782 Belk Library: Room 134
Mitchem, Pam Coordinator of Digital Scholarship and Initiatives pricemtchemp@appstate.edu 828-262-7422 Belk Library: Room 453
Ogburn, Joyce Dean of Libraries ogburnjl@appstate.edu 828-262-6725 Belk Library: Room 416
Orkiszewski, Paul Lead Librarian for Scholarly Communication and Int orkiszewskip@appstate.edu 828-262-6588 Belk Library: Room 362
Reichel, Mary Professor reichelml@appstate.edu 828-262-7849 Belk Library
Rice, Scott Coordinator, Technology Services ricese@appstate.edu 828-262-8306 Belk Library: Room 368
Rice, Dea Digital Projects Librarian ricedm@appstate.edu 828-262-6724 Belk Library: Room 254
Riddle, Norma Coordinator of Special Collections, University Arc riddlenm@appstate.edu 828-262-7424 Belk Library: Room 168
Scherlen, Allan Social Sciences Librarian scherlnag@appstate.edu 828-262-2285 Belk Library: Room 224
Shao, Xiaorong Information Literacy Librarian shaox@appstate.edu 828-262-7714 Belk Library: Room 138
Stilling, Glenn Ellen Information Literacy Librarian stillngges@appstate.edu 828-262-2825 Belk Library: Room 203
Williams, Elizabeth M. Information Literacy Librarian willamsem@appstate.edu 828-262-2817 Belk Library: Room 308
Wise, Suzanne Curator, Stock Car Racing Collection and Collectio wisems@appstate.edu 828-262-2798 Belk Library: Room 455
Wiswell, John Health Sciences Librarian wiswellj@appstate.edu 828-262-7853 Belk Library: Room 225