Committees, Task Forces, and Service Roles | 2013-2014

AppSearch Development and Evaluation Group
Assessment in Action
Bivens Proposal Selection Committee
Budget Reduction Task Force
Coordinators & Lead Librarians
Curriculum Committee
Digital Projects Steering Committee
Diversity Committee
E-Learning Working Group
Emergency Response Working Group
Information Literacy & Instruction (ILI) Working Group
Internal Building Group

Library Services Committee
Planning and Assessment Committee
Post Tenure Review Committee
Promotion and Tenure Committee
Public Relations Committee
Scholarly Communications Committee
Search Committees
Student Assistant Training Committee
Student Supervisor's Working Group
Training & Development Committee
University Service Roles
Web Committee
Western NC Library Network (WNCLN) Committees

AppSearch Development & Evaluation Group

  • Provides ongoing maintenance, development, and evaluation of AppSearch and related functions.
  • Andie Leonard (co-chair), Kelly McBride (co-chair), John Abbott, Lisa Abbott, Beth Cramer, Allan Duncan, Margaret Gregor, Kelly McCallister, Pam Mitchem, Geri Purpur, Dea Rice, Scott Rice, Betsy Williams

Assessment in Action

  • Mission: Assess the impact of library instruction in students use of primary source materials. 
  • Grant Funded by ACRL
  • Cyndi Harbeson (chair), Kelly McBride, Betsy Williams, John Wiswell, Michael Behrent (History) Katherine Ledford (Director of Appalachian Studies), Catherine Turner (History)

Bivens Proposal Selection Committee

  • Georgie Donovan, Jill Eller, Cyndi Harbeson, Joyce Ogburn, Leroy Watson, Betsy Williams

Budget Reduction Task Force 

  • John Abbott, Georgie Donovan, Leslie Farison, Sandy Hoyle, Ken Johnson, Paul Orkiszewski, Pat Sweet


  • Joyce Ogburn, Georgie Donovan 

Coordinators & Lead Librarians

  • John Abbott, Gary Boye, Beth Cramer, Georgie Donovan, Margaret Gregor, Ken Johnson, Kelly McBride, Paul Orkiszewski (Scott Rice Acting, Fall 2013), Joyce Ogburn, Norma Riddle, Pat Sweet 

Curriculum Committee

  • Acts as a sounding board for the library faculty to discuss curriculum-related issues; Decides on priorities for the Library's instructional program based on University curricular initiatives and ACRL Standards for Information Literacy; Recommends an approach to discipline/department-based outreach, instruction, and collection management; Communicates curricular initiatives and Library strategic goals and activities related to instruction and collection management to the library faculty.  
  • Margaret Gregor, Cyndi Harbeson, Dea Rice, Xiaorong Shao

Departmental Personnel Committee

  • Amanda Bird, John Boyd, Cyndi Harbeson, Kelly McBride, Pam Mitchem, Allan Scherlen 

Digital Projects Steering Committee

  • Helps the Library effectively manage current and future digitization opportunities, leads in the Library's development of new digital initiatives and best practices for digital projects, and provides guidance to those in the Library that seek to develop new web services.
  • Katherine Alford, Gary Boye, Beth Cramer, Cyndi Harbeson, Andrea Leonard, Leah McManus, Pam Mitchem (co-chair), Paul Orkiszewski, Scott Rice (co-chair), Dean Williams, Norma Riddle, Allan Scherlen, Glen Ellen Starr Stilling

Diversity Committee 

  • Provides leadership in the Library on issues related to multiculturalism and the provision of library services to people from diverse backgrounds by offering staff development opportunities to stimulate diversity awareness, promoting outreach to the university community; and advising the Library administration on issues and activities.  Hosts the Doorways Series (since 2013).
  • Katherine Alford (co-chair), Beth Cramer, Leslie Farison (co-chair),  Megan Johnson (co-chair), Lynn Patterson (ex officio),  Xiaorong Shao, Allan Scherlen

E-Book Task Force

  • Discusses e-book challenges and recommends steps that the Libraries should take to improve e-book collection, management, and access. 
  • Selection Committee:  John Boyd, Beth Cramer, Leslie Farison, Jon Morris, Allan Scherlen, John Wiswell (co-chair)
  • Management Committee:  Tom Byland, Beth Cramer (co-chair), Allan Duncan, Andie Leonard, Shannon McCluney, Dea Rice, Catherine Wilkinson, Jason Wolfe
  • Access Committee:  John Boyd (co-chair), Cyndi Harbeson, Andie Leonard, Kelly McCallister, Jon Morris, Allan Scherlen, John Wiswell

E-Learning Working Group

  • Produces, markets, and assesses e-learning products and objects.
  • Greta Browning, Jessie Davis, Jewel Davis, Wil Cummings, Margaret Gregor, Megan Johnson (co-chair), Kelly McCallister, Jon Morris, Hunter Phillips, Geri Purpur, Scott Rice (co-chair)

Emergency Response Working Group

  • Serves as responders to any incident that requires salvage to library collections or facilities and to be responsible for the upkeep of a library disaster response plan. Creates and maintains a multi-phase safety plan for the Library which will include a curriculum plan for employee training in human (Phase I Emergency) and collections (Phase II Recovery) safety. Recommends and implements policies and practices for preserving the Library's collections and equipment.
  • Pam Mitchem (co-chair), Tom Byland, John Doherty, Allan Duncan, Leslie Farison, Leah McManus, Russell Paige, Pat Sweet (co-chair), Greta Tester, David Travis

Information Literacy & Instruction (ILI) Working Group

  • Works toward the development of a comprehensive educational program that contributes to Appalachian State University's educational goals and student learning outcomes.
  • Amanda Bird, Megan Johnson, Kelly Rhodes McBride (chair), Geri Purpur, Scott Rice, and Elizabeth Williams

Internal Building Group

  • Advises and discusses ideas and priorities regarding building issues.
  • Pat Sweet (chair), John Abbott, Greg Beavers, Georgie Donovan, Allan Duncan, Margaret Gregor, Sandy Hoyle, Ken Johnson, Geri Purpur, Pam Mitchem, Joyce Ogburn, Norma Riddle, Jason Stamper

Library Services Committee

  • Advises on policies and procedures in the University Libraries
  • Includes 15 members consisting of 9 faculty, including the Dean, 2 students, and 3 staff.  The Dean convenes the first meeting and will facilitate the selection of a chair from among the members of the committee.
  • Joyce Ogburn (ex officio), Robin Morehouse, Rebecca Battista, Sunny Stewart, Robin Moeller, Eli Bentor, Jeff Holcomb, Kim Becnel, David Domermuth, Joe Daly, Russell Paige, Daniel Lidstone, and Dana Clarke

Planning and Assessment Committee

  •  The Planning and Assessment Committee (1) supports library strategic planning; (2) develops, implements, and reviews library assessments and action plans; and (3) seeks to communicate and improve assessment efforts in the library.

    Beth Cramer, Georgie Donovan, Leslie Farison, Ken Johnson, Megan Johnson, Kelly McBride

Promotion and Tenure Committee

  • Current Membership: All tenured library faculty 
  • John Abbott | chair
  • Gary Boye | vice-chair/chair-elect
  • Suzanne Wise | recorder

Post Tenure Review Committee

  • Margaret Gregor (- 2016); Paul Orkiszewski (- 2015); Ken Johnson (- 2014)

Public Relations Committee

  • Effectively promotes the Library to the university community and beyond by marketing library resources and services, increasing awareness of the role of the library and its contributions to the university community, and enhancing outreach efforts.
  • Amanda Bird (co-chair), John Boyd, Greta Browning, Jessie Davis,  Jewel Davis, Megan Johnson, Kelly McCallister, Jon Morris, Lynn Patterson, Hunter Phillips, Jonathan Priest, Geri Purpur (co-chair)

Scholarly Communications Committee

  • Leslie Farison, Megan Johnson, Leah McManus, Allan Scherlen (chair)

Search Committees

  • Joyce Ogburn [Dean of Libraries] is ex officio on all search committees.
  • Health Sciences Librarian:  John Abbott (chair), Ken Johnson, Pam Mitchem, Trent Spaulding, Suzanne Wise
  • Humanities Librarian:  Greta Browning, Kelly McBride, Kelly McCallister, Allan Scherlen (chair), Glenn Ellen Starr Stilling, Jason White
  • Lead Acquisitions Librarian:  Beth Cramer (chair), Georgie Donovan, Leslie Farison, Andie Leonard, Scott Rice, Jason Wolfe
  • Web Librarian:  John Boyd, Cyndi Harbeson (chair), Megan Johnson, Jonathan Priest, Dea Rice

Student Assistant Training Committee

  • Provides library student assistants with the tools to give exceptional public services to our patrons. Through a series of on-going training sessions, student employees acquire the necessary skills to assist those who pursue knowledge.
  • Katherine Alford, Greg Beavers, Tom Byland, Sue Hisle (chair), Dianna Johnson, Leah McManus, Lynn Patterson, Connie Pendley, Scott Rice, Greta Tester

Student Supervisors Working Group

  • Focuses on the hiring, supervision, training, and retention of student assistants.
  • Greg Beavers, Tom Byland, Wil Cummings, Georgie Donovan (ex officio), Bryan Estel, Sue Hisle, Dianna Johnson, Chris Liucci, Leah McManus, Pam Mitchem, Lynn Patterson (chair), Russell Paige, Connie Pendley, Jason Stamper, Doug Tester, Greta Tester, Dean Williams

Training & Development Committee

  • Provides training and professional development opportunities for library personnel. An emphasis on technology training has historically been part of the committee.
  • Katherine Alford, Cyndi Harbeson (chair), Sue Hisle, Russell Paige, Sherrye Perry (ex officio), Dea Rice, Scott Rice, Pat Sweet

University Service

  • AP+P (Academic Policies and Procedures) Committee:  Betsy Williams
  • Appalachian Global Symposium Committee:  Megan Johnson
  • Appalachian Journal Advisory Committee:  Fred Hay
  • Appalachian Studies DPC:  Fred Hay
  • Appalachian Studies Curriculum Committee:  Fred Hay, Norma Riddle
  • Appalachian Studies Scholarship Committee:  Fred Hay
  • Arts and Cultural Programs Advisory Committee:  Greta Browning
  • Center for Appalachian Studies Executive Committee:  Fred Hay
  • Chancellor's Advisory Board:  Russell Paige
  • Chancellor's Commission on Diversity:  Beth Cramer, Xiaorong Shao
  • Council of Chairs + Council of Chairs Executive Council:  Georgie Donovan
  • Diversity Celebration Planning Committee:  Amanda Bird
  • Enrollment Planning Council Associate Deans Group:  Georgie Donovan
  • Faculty Senate:  Scott Rice
  • Faculty and Staff Benefits Committee:  Glenn Ellen Starr Stilling
  • First Year Seminar Shared Learning Outcomes Task Force:  Kelly McBride
  • General Education Council:  Kelly McBride
  • General Education Assessment Committee:  Betsy Williams
  • Graduate Council:  John Abbott
  • Heltzer Honor's College Advisory Board:  Kelly McBride
  • International Student Recruitment, Retention, and Alumni Services Committee:  Xiaorong Shao
  • Office of Student Research Advisory Board:  Suzanne Wise
  • PARE (Peer Assisted Review Enterprise) Reviewer:  Fred Hay, Megan Johnson
  • Scholarship Advisory Council:  Georgie Donovan
  • Sexual Misconduct Council:  Kelly McBride
  • Staff Senate:  Russell Paige
  • Summer Reading Program Committee:  John Boyd
  • Sustainability Council:  Allan Scherlen, Xiaorong Shao
  • Sustainable Development DPC:  Xiaorong Shao
  • University Academic Assessment Council:  Ken Johnson
  • University Awards:  Cyndi Harbeson
  • University Forum Series:  John Abbott, Suzanne Wise
  • University Planning and Priorities Council:  Georgie Donovan, Kelly McBride
  • University Research Council:  Betsy Williams
  • Wellness Literacy Faculty Coordinating Committee:  Glenn Ellen Starr Stilling

Web Committee  

  • Monitors, evaluates and updates the Library's website.
  • Lisa Abbott, Tom Bennett, John Boyd, Gary Boye, Jewel Davis, Margaret Gregor, Cyndi Harbeson, Megan Johnson (chair), Andrea Leonard, Chis Liucci, Scott Rice, Allan Scherlen, James Smith, John Wiswell

Western North Carolina Library Network Committees (WNCLN)

  • Catherine Wilkinson [Network Librarian] is ex officio on all WNCLN committees.  Members with an asterisk* are voting members of the committee.
  • WNCLN ABCirc Committee - Greg Beavers, Jason Stamper*
  • WNCLN Board of Directors - Joyce Ogburn*
  • WNCLN Collections Committee - John Abbott*
  • WNCLN Network Coordinating Council - John Abbott, Beth Cramer, Joyce Ogburn
  • WNCLN Patron-Web Services Committee - Betsy Williams
  • WNCLN Tech-Services Committee - Beth Cramer, Andrea Leonard*