Circulation Policies Overview


The "AppCard," (the ASU ID) is required for all faculty, staff and student check outs. The person to whom the card is issued is responsible for its use. If an ASU ID card is lost or stolen, the owner of the ID will be held responsible for any items checked out until the AppCard is reported stolen.

The Library issued Community Borrower Card is required for all circulation transactions by community borrowers.

ID cards from other universities are accepted only from those institutions with which the Library has cooperative agreements, and only under the terms of those agreements.

Spouses and partners may use the Spouse ID card, issued by the University ID Center, for circulation transactions.

ASU Retired Faculty and Staff will need to call or come by the library once annually to update their priveledges, these are not able to be updated automatically.

NOTE: Dependent ID cards are not accepted for circulation transactions and are not eligible for borrowing privileges.

Self Check-Out

For your convenience, a self-checkout unit is available on the first floor beside the library service desk. If you need assistance with your first try, please ask at any service desk.


If a book is checked out, a request may be placed on it directly from the library catalog by clicking "Request." When the book is returned, an email will be sent with instructions to pick up the item at the library service desk with a valid ASU ID/Community Borrower's Card.


Desk Services sends courtesy notices routinely to alert patrons of requested items, request cancellations, overdues and replacement bills. For faculty, staff and students, these notices are sent to an assigned campus e-mail address. Community Borrowers may provide their home email address for contact.

Alternatively, you may check on the status of your library account at any time on the Web from the library's home page.


If an item has a "Not checked out" status in the catalog and you cannot locate it on the shelf, you may request for a search to be done. The library service desk will assist you with this. If the item is located, you will be notified by email that the item has been found. The item will be held at the library service desk for 7 days for pick up. Items not picked up after 7 days will be returned to the shelf.

Damaged or Mutilated items

Items returned damaged or mutilated will be assessed a charge. The amount of the charge assessed will vary dependent on the extent of damage/mutilation up to the cost of the book.

Replacement Charges

University Accounts Receivable will be billed replacement costs for long overdue items. The replacement cost charge is $60.00 for all materials. In most circumstances, the library will accept a replacement copy of a lost or damaged book, journal, film, or video in lieu of the replacement cost of the material.

For an item to be considered as a replacement for an item lost or damaged, the item must be an exact copy or an appropriate substitute (as determined by library staff) of the same author/title. Mass market paperbacks are not acceptable as replacement copies. If the library accepts a replacement copy in lieu of the replacement cost, the library will assess a $20.00 processing fee.