Exhibit Space Policy

The fourth floor of the library atrium area (and perhaps other areas within the library) may be used as an exhibition space. Proposals for exhibits in the in this area are accepted throughout the year and reviewed by the exhibit committee, which includes the building manager, the University Librarian and other members of the administrative services team.

  • Proposals should be submitted at least ten weeks in advance of the desired exhibition date.
  • If the proposal is accepted, the building manager will work with the responsible party to determine specific dates, the installation and removal schedule, and the installation design.
  • Four weeks before the opening of the exhibit, the responsible party must provide the University Library with a draft of a press release, which should include the artists names, dates, and the location of the exhibit.
  • Representative digital images with a resolution of 300 dpi must also be submitted.  The library reserves the right to post the digital images on the library’s web site, submit them to university communications department, and to publish them in library publications when appropriate.
  • Two weeks before the exhibit, the responsible party must provide a poster about the exhibit that can be displayed in the first floor atrium (size of the holder is 28x22 inches) and a version of the poster that is 11x14 inches to be displayed on the 4th floor.   These do not need to be mounted on foam-core.  The poster should include the location in the building, dates, and the title of the show.
  • The library’s budget is limited for exhibitions; any associated costs will be negotiated.

August 2010