Laptop Computer Policies and Agreement

PC and MAC laptops are available for checkout in the library.  The Technology Checkout Desk on the Lower Lever has both PC and MACs.  Laptops are checked out to ASU students, staff, and faculty on a first come, first serve basis. Laptops may leave the library.  A valid ASU ID is required for check outs. By checking out a library laptop, the patron agrees to abide by the following agreement.

Belk Library Laptop Computer Loan Agreement

By checking out an ASU Library owned Dell Laptop or Macbook, the borrower (you) agree to the following:

  • I will abide by the Appalachian State University Policy on Use of Computers, as well as applicable federal and state laws, when using this equipment.

  • I will return the equipment with all components by the time due.   
    NOTE: Loan period is 8 HOURS OR 1 HOUR PRIOR TO LIBRARY CLOSING on the day of checkout, whichever comes first. 1 renewal period of an additional 2 hours is allowed.

  • I will pay overdue fines of $10.00 per hour, or any portion of an hour, if the equipment is not returned by the time due. 
    NOTE: Fines accrue to a maximum of $160.00 after which the replacement cost of the equipment is charged.

  • I will return the equipment in the same condition as when it was borrowed.  In the event of the theft or loss, I am responsible for the full replacement cost of the equipment.  NOTE: Replacement charges exceed $1000 and depend on laptop model. 

  • I will not copy any applications software or drivers from the hard disk of the equipment to any storage medium or another machine.

  • I will not install or store files or programs on the equipment.

The Library is not responsible for the lost of any data in the use of this equipment.

Policy updated August 31, 2012