Database Trials!

Database trials

The Collection Management Team is conducting several Database Trials in November.  

Europa World
Trial ends on 11/30/2013

ProQuest Congressional (Historical Archives)
Trial ends on 12/01/2013

The World Religion Database
Trial ends on 11/30/2013

Joanna Briggs Institute database
Focuses on health and may be interest to some in Psychology and Counseling.

They welcome your feedback- would you use this database in your research?  

Contact John Abbott (


Being a Religious Studies major, I would use the World Religion Database all the time for research. It is a wonderful tool to utilize, is very well structured, and easy to navigate. I would recommend this resource to anyone who is doing research in religion.

I think both of these databases are very important to this institute and its growing need to create international relations amongst our students. I feel that Europa is easier to navigate than ProQuest, but I feel that the information that can be obtained is necessary for students to explore. As a composition instructor it would be easier to bring inter national issues into the classroom if I could use Europa database to provide contextual knowledge about the area. I could also the ProQuest benefiting my classroom by providing live texts from government conversations. We can use these conversations to create context or to rhetorically analyze. I hope we get the opportunity to keep at least one of these two.

Having used these this month, I have found them very useful for my teaching and research. In fact I will add an assignment to my gen ed classes that use these database each semester if the library adds them to their collection.

This database is extremely important in my research in tax law history. I traveled to the National Archives this summer to specifically research these documents and was introduced to the database there. It would be wonderful to have it available at ASU and I would use it in my tax classes.

Definitely need this specialized resource, an easy-interface, excellent and easy go-to for easily accessible and comprehensive information. Wonderful thanks!

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