Copyright Information for Reserves

In October of 1998, P.L.Public Law: 105-304 (10/28/98) made several changes to the copyright laws already in existence. One such change is that the law:

"Bars the provision or distribution of false copyright management information with the intent to induce or conceal infringement. Defines "copyright management information" as certain information, including title, name of author and copyright owner, and terms for use of the work, conveyed in connection with copies or phonorecords of a work or performances or displays, including in digital form, except that such term does not include any personally identifying information about a user of a work or of a copy, phonorecord, performance, or display of a work."

Thus for any material placed on Reserve, the faculty member will be required to furnish the actual copyright statement from the book or journal; or indicate that a diligent effort was made to do so.

For more information on this law, see H.R.2281 Public Law: 105-304 (10/28/98)

For more information on copyright, see:

For more information on placing materials on reserve, please contact Greg Beavers at or call him at (828) 262-2781.