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Need a Book for the Road? Check out some of our newest and recommended books here:

During Fall Break, why not break your academic-only fast with some high-fiber fun reading? Here are some places to find great suggestions in and from the library and where to browse our newest arrivals:

Recommended Reading from ASU Students and Library Staff:

Medieval Exhibits on Display in Plemmons Student Union

What do Robin Hood, Jack tales, and castles have in common?  Find out in the two exhibits, "Medieval Folklore & Stories" and "Medieval Life," in Plemmons Student Union, now on display through October 8.  Library resources from Special Collections and the Instructional Materials Center related to the medieval period are on display just as the Southeast

Celebrate Your Freedom to Read

Checked out a banned book lately? Belk Library is celebrating Banned Books Week, an annual event held during the last week of September that celebrates your freedom to read.

Melvil Dewey's Birthday!

Today is Melville Louis Kossuth (Melvil) Dewey's birthday. He was born December 10, 1851. Dewey is best remembered for inventing the Dewey Decimal System, which is a book organization system.  The Belk Library's Instructional Material's Center, which mirrors a K-12 school libary, uses this system. The library's main stacks use the Library of Congress Classifcation System. He also helped found the American Library Association, and was interested in simplfying spelling.