Duplexing on Lab and Library Black and White Printers Set as Default

All public computers in campus labs and in the library are now set up to print duplex by default.  This setting is only the default on the black and white printers.  The color printer is still set to single-sided printing.


We are going greener...

I want to remind everyone that beginning this semester TSS has changed all Pharos printing stations on campus to default to duplex printing where possible.  Students are not charged any extra charges for printing on both sides of the paper, and the cost per page remains the same.

Students may print single-sided if needed, but must change the setting within the print dialog box before the print job is sent.  TSS will be unable to refund any funds for miss-prints.  We are hopeful that this change will reduce our campus paper usage significantly.  I am also happy to tell you that we have upgraded the Pharos software over the holidays and this should help solve the Pharos problems we have experienced over the past semester.

Additionally, we are testing power save settings across many of the public workstations across campus.  We are changing some of our maintenance cycle schedules.  We are also changing our practice of turning computers on first thing in the morning, and instead having the first user of the day turn the machine on when it is needed.  This project has potential to save energy and save the university money.

We're pleased to be part of the sustainability efforts on campus.  Feel free to contact me regarding any of these initiatives.

Have a great semester.



Tom Van Gilder

Director of Technology Support Services

Appalachian State University

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