Graduating Student Library Employees

Congratulations to all the students who are graduating this May, 2012. We thank all of our student library employees for their hard work and dedication. Your work in the library is greatly appreciated!

Payton Brown
Calvin Bruns
Amanda Carroll
Ian Clontz
Tim Coyle
Jeremy Ryne Danielson
Rachel Donovan
Patrick Elliott
Carrie "Lexi" Ellis
Williams Fincannon
Nancy Gibson
Mitch Greco
Bryan Green
Molly Hansen
Addy Haseltine
Tim Hefflinger
Eric Holm
Emily Hopper
Maya Hutchins
Sydney Jones
Kelly Kluz
Aaron Lancaster
Rachel Little
Katy Manis
Nick McCollister
Jessica Michak
Matt Miller
Chase Mitchell
Kristen Morrison
Tiara O'Neal
Brooke Rideout
Kaitlynn Sansone
Elizabeth Smith
Caleb Sonneland
Lauren Turner
Ian Watkins
Jason West
Jessica Whitman

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