Library Hours and Budget Reduction

Dear Campus Community,

Belk Library and Information Commons has had to reduce its hours of operation following a $22.8 million campus-wide reduction in state funds. While library staff members regret having to make this change, we have had to prepare for at least a $1.5 million budget cut, which is 30 percent of the library's non-personnel funds.

In addition to reducing hours for the building, the funds to update technology, which are needed to provide library resources and services, have been devastated. We have been forced to reduce the number of student employees, which puts more strain on the already heavy workload of staff members and may keep students from completing their education. Of critical importance is the potential 25 percent reduction of funds to buy books and electronic resources needed for faculty and student research and education. Cutting the library's print and electronic collections hurts present and future generations of students.

The Atrium, which has 86 seats and 11 computers, is open 24 hours, 5 days a week and staffed by a security guard to ensure students' safety. So far this semester, we have not had much use.

You will see from the historical data charts below that we have been keeping four floors of the library open 24/5 days a week for relatively light use except during finals. We are working with SGA and Academic Affairs to try to be open 24/5 during the week before and during final exams.

To see the library's operating schedule, visit the library hours calendar.

chart showing library usage

table showing library usage

As always, the library remains committed to providing the highest level of services and collections possible.

Mary Reichel
University Librarian

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