New PBS Streaming Videos

Eyes on the Prize DVD cover

The Library is happy to announce the addition of nearly 100 new PBS videos available now through the Library's website, including the complete 14-part award-winning Civil Rights Era documentary, Eyes on the Prize.

To see all available streaming videos go to PBS Streaming Videos from the NC LIVE Video Collection.


So... is PBS offering a streaming service? Did you all buy streaming rights and then digitize?

Thanks! Hope you all are doing well!

Susan J

The PBS Streaming Videos are provided by NC Live, the statewide library consortium. The collection contains 250 PBS programs from the 1990s forward, originally aired as parts of such series as the American Masters, Frontline,  Nova, Scientific American Frontiers, American Experience, etc. Most are closed captioned. Any device with an internet connection and running a Flash Player may be used to view the collection.

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