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The library made important changes to the catalog, which will affect how people search for books and other materials.

What changed about the catalog?

In the past, the catalog was set by default to search three libraries: ASU, UNCA, and WCU. We have changed it so that the default search will bring up only ASU items.  We did this because our users made it clear they want to see what they have access to locally first, electronically or in paper.  If needed, they can then expand their search.  Another reason for the change is because electronic resources, especially e-books, are available only at the school that has a subscription to them, so it can be frustrating to see these items.

However, you can still view and request items from UNCA or WCU, and the ever-popular ABC express service is available. (ABC express stands for Asheville-Boone-Cullowhee and is a delivery service for books and bound journals between ASU, WCU and UNCA.)

  • From the Books and Media tab on the homepage, you can choose ASU, ABC Express, or UNC libraries via the radio buttons beneath the search bar.

Books and Media tab on the library's homepage

  • Once you are in the catalog, you can expand your search to ABC Express using the button below.

Search ABC Express button

If you have comments or suggestions, let us know in the comments below!

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