UPDATE: Library Fines Synced to Student Accounts for ASU Patrons (Faculty, Staff, and Students)

Through a successful collaboration with Student Accounts, the Registrar's Office, ITS and the University Library, all library charges will now sync with the ASU Banner system.  This change will make the library billing process faster, simpler and more transparent and brings the library in line with other campus units.  All library charges will appear at the library and on faculty, staff and student banner accounts. 

Students (and any faculty and staff that once were ASU students) may pay their fines through the Student Services tab in APPALnet, through invoice mailed to Student Accounts, or in person at the Student Account Office.  Faculty and staff who have not been students at ASU can pay either by invoice mailed to Student Accounts or in person at the Student Accounts Office. 

Please note that at any time, you may check your library account by going to MY ACCOUNT at the top of the University Library’s home page (www.library.appstate.edu).  Log in using your last name and banner ID number.  You can check here any time, 24 hours/day, for any fines, fees, holds, late books from any web-enabled device.  Here is a short tutorial to assist you.

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