Winners of the "Go Green - Guess How Many" Contest

photo of winners

Thanks to the 49 entries in our "Go Green - Guess How Many" Bottles and Cans contest!  We had a great time with this contest!  Guesses ranged from 37 - 70,000 (with the caveat that it was because there is a black hole in the middle of the bag)!  The correct number was 102.

We had 2 winners of the "Go Green" Contest.  The winners are.... Ambrose Young and Samuel Brown (seen below). They BOTH guessed 106 cans (the answer was 102!) Congrats on winning, guys!  The winners won a Belk Library reusable book bag, a reusable coffee mug and a reusable drinking glass... as well as other little goodies inside the bag (i.e. candy!).

Keep your eye out for other fun activities!  And thanks for going green to celebrate 2012 Earth Week in the library!

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