Chronicle of Higher Education and other News Sources

Cover of the Economist -- ML King Jr.

We have The Chronicle of Higher Education, the trade journal of higher education.  Also, see Inside Higher Ed, which is free on the Web. 

For other news, one good source is The Economist.  (Although, to tell you the truth, I'm partly suggesting it because it has Dr. King on the cover, which makes a good thumbnail image today.)

We have access to the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal also.  We get them through ProQuest, and they include today's articles if you go Advanced Search and choose today's date.  ProQuest is not quite as nice as the and interfaces.   I often start with those, until they ask for money.  Then, you can come to our ProQuest and find it in today's news.  But watch out.  The Wall Street Journal often has different article titles for otherwise identical and Proquest versions.

That's not all (and of course there's lots that's free on the Web).  See this list or this guide to news sources.  Or ask us for help.

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