Systematic Reviews -- Joanna Briggs EBP Database is available during November

Joanna Briggs logo

 The Library has several good options for finding high quality systematic reviews in the health sciences.

During November and on campus only, we have trial access to the Joanna Briggs EBP Database.  It includes systematic reviews and other types of documents.  Everything is full text.  Try it and let us ( know what you think.

We also have the Cochrane Collection Plus, which includes one database of the Cochrane Collaboration's systematic reviews and another database of Cochrane's reviews of others' systematic reviews.  The Cochrane reviews are all full text.   Ask for help getting full text of the SRs that Cochrane reviews, if you need it.

What is a systematic review?  It's a comprehensive attempt to find all research on a topic, to evaluate how good it is, and present it in a useful format.  Not all systematic reviews are of high quality, but Joanna Briggs and Cochrane reviews have a great reputation.

Not all systematic reviews focus on health.  See the Campbell Collaboration Library of Systematic Reviews.  It's free on the Web and addresses several other fields: Crime and Justice, Education, Social Welfare, International Development.  (The full text of the reviews may not be free.  Ask for help finding that, if you need it.)

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