You Need an e-Book about Food!

pumpkin pie

OK, maybe you need actual food too.  But an e-book about cooking or cuisine might be a great idea for the holiday.


Our new (tiny) Overdrive Collection has 18 books on cooking and food.  They can be checked out for 21 days.

Overdrive e-books are hard to set up the first time, but easy after that.  Click on your device on this help page for instructions.  Or ask us for help.

More on the Belk Library's Overdrive e-books.


We also have EBSCO e-books.  Browse these 1668 e-books on food and drink.

These are challenging to set up the first time also, but as easy as changing TV channels after that.  Try out these instructions, but come visit us for help setting up if they don't quite work.  Most (~90%) can be checked out for 14 days.  They do not work with Kindles.


Photo: "Felicity's Pumpkin Pie" 2010, by Ryan Grove.  (More food photos here.)

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