Congratulations to Graduating Students!


Congratulations to all the students who are graduating this May, 2014. We thank all of our student library employees for their hard work and dedication. Your work in the library is greatly appreciated! You will be missed.

Taylor Sherrill
Recee Bergen
Sean Tevebaugh
Ambrose Young
Brandon Norris
Michael Link
Will Hyde
Tim Branch
Jonathan Bolanos
Harry Agyeman
Jessica Eley
Andrea Morera
Tierney McNamara
Taylor Conover
Taylor Switch
Stephen Harris (graduate student)
Sarah Stankus
Allison Hill
Kevin Sorensen
Jacqueline Messier
Evan Martin
Katie Pace
Courtney Struble
Colleen Thomas
Aubrey Bumgarner
Caroline Daniels
Scott Bennett
William (Trey) Fenner
Laura Arevalo-Gallego
Sarah Blythe
Nik Hay
Nora Naughton
Kai Weaver
Julie Jean



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