Digital Scholarship

Consultation and Project Management

We provide support for project development including project planning, digitization, metadata, and collection building.  

In general, you should consider the following criteria *before* submitting a digital project proposal:

  1. Who is the audience for this digital project?
  2. How will users interact with this material?
  3. Is the material already digitized and available online?
  4. Do you have permission to digitize and publish online, this material?
  5. What impact will digitization have on your daily work?

What makes a good digital project? Consider the following criteria and guidelines for selecting project materials. Projects that are most likely to be approved meet the following criteria:

  1. support instruction or research needs
  2. do not circulate, e.g. rare books, materials from Special Collections
  3. enhance an existing digital collection
  4. are unique, e.g. not previously digitized nor available online in any format
  5. high use, regularly requested by Appalachian State faculty or students
  6. are distinctive and have potential for academic use and general education interest (K-12)


  1. Submit your project proposal via this form.
  2. Digital Scholarship and Initiatives will review your proposal and, most likely, ask for additional information.
    • DSI staff will meet with you to assess your project materials and further discuss the project development process.
    • DSI staff will complete project documentation necessary to move forward your project, including a cost estimate and project brief that details project deliverables.
  3. The Team will respond to the proposal.
    • It will accept the proposal in concept.
    • Or, it will decline the proposal and may suggest other alternatives for support

Workshops and Events

We offer workshops and other events related to digital scholarship, electronic records, intellectual property, copyright, open access, and the software that we support.


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