Faculty Lounge - Room 306

Belk Library offers a special group study room reserved only for ASU Faculty: This room is

  • available for ASU faculty only
  • not to be used as classrooms

How to Check Out a Special Group Study Room

Booking of this rooms cannot be done online. Please visit or call the Library Service Desk 828-262-2818 for assistance.

NOTE: The person who booked the room must be the person to check-out the room. Their valid ASU ID card is required to check out a group study room.

Due to privacy restrictions, we cannot share who has booked/or occupies which room. Be sure to tell your group in which room you are meeting!

Go to the first floor service desk and check out a room key.
Group study rooms may be checked out for 4 hours and are not renewable

Due to heavy demand, booked study rooms may be cancelled if not claimed within five minutes of the beginning of the reserved time.

Overdue Fines
The overdue fine for group study rooms is $5.00 per hour. Partial hours are counted as full hours.


Call the Library Service Desk at 828-262-2818 for assistance.