Using an online open archive such as NC DOCKS website, faculty can deposit research materials (including pre- and/or post-prints of articles plus supporting data) and link to it from a personal website. Benefits include:

  • Increased impact for you. Web-searchable access to your scholarship through the repository means more access to more scholars who will read, discuss and cite your work.

  • Providing for those without access to a subscription version. Many students and scholars lack access to a library with a subscription to your article's journal or to interlibrary loan services.

  • A stable easy-to-access online location to organize your publications. Refer students and colleagues to copies on NC DOCKS.

  • Preserves digital copies of your scholarship. If the publisher site is down or goes away entirely, the library subscription is cancelled, or you can't find it among your files, just access the NC DOCKS repository site.

Any faculty member interested in contributing works to ASU's institutional repository, NC DOCKS, should contact Allan Scherlen at or (828) 262-2285. To begin the process, send Allan a list of your works. The ASU Library will then verify which publishers allow self-archiving and may also be able to scan some of your works. But for some, you may need to send a copy to Allan (usually as an email attachment). We aim to make the submission process as simple as possible.

For More Information

Please contact Allan Scherlen at for more information.