Multimedia Rooms

See also Group Study Rooms

How to Book a Multimedia Room

Room 232 can be checked-out from the library service desk (828) 262-2818 on a first come, first served basis.

Room 232 (seats 4)
Cable, International TV Broadcasting, LCD TV, VCR, DVD, whiteboard

This room is:

  • for viewing videos and DVDs
  • not intended as regular classroom meeting space

How to Check Out a Multimedia Room

Go to the library service desk on the first floor and check out a room key. Rooms may be checked out for 2 hours and may be renewed at the library service desk.

NOTE: The person who booked the room must be the person to check-out the room. Their valid ASU ID card must be presented to check out a room. Due to privacy restrictions, we cannot share who has booked which room. If you book a group study room, please tell your group in which room you are meeting!

The overdue fine for multimedia rooms is $5.00 per hour. Partial hours are counted as full hours.


Call the library service desk at (828) 262-2818.