Request a Room in the Library

The following rooms may be reserved for meetings, conferences, training, and instruction:

Room 114 - Lecture Hall

Room 114

Seating capacity: 12 to 125 people

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Contact: Melody Campbell (828) 262-2188

For AV training contact: Katherine Alford (828) 262-4972



Rooms 024 or 026 - Library Instruction Rooms

Room 024

Seating capacity:
Room 024 has 32 workstations
Room 026 has 20 workstations

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Note: Reserved exclusively for library instruction sessions Fall semester until Nov. 7 and Spring semester until April 10.

Contact: Thomas Main

Room 026

See also: Library Instruction Program and Services







Room 327 - Electronic Seminar Room

Seating capacity: 12 people maximum

Location: Learning Technology Services (LTS) area on the third floor

Note: The rooms primarily are used for LTS and library instruction.

Workshop Schedule

Contact: Mark Suggs (828) 262-7565