Broyhill Conference Room 421

Conference Room 421

Adherence to Appalachian State University Policy Manual and Library Policies & Procedures is required for anyone using Library rooms for meetings.

The Library has priority for meetings and events.

 Events scheduled in room 421 are subject to the following:

    • Hours depend upon the schedule of the building, please check the Library hours, which vary with holidays, breaks, and Library closings.

    • Reservation for a room without food request start 30 minutes after the 4th floor opens.

    • Reservations that include food will end 60 minutes before the next scheduled event.

    • The reservation will end 30 minutes before the 4th floor closes (as posted on the Rm 421 Calendar) 

    • If the event will have alcohol the university permit must be prior approved with all signatures and final copy in the library before event. You can find the form here:

    • If the permit is not finalized the event will be cancelled.

    • If food is/was available for event, the responsibility for clean-up lies with the group/individual/department using the room. Failure to clean up is subject to review by the Library Dean and/or Associate Deans.

      To view the policy guidelines click here:

    Room 421 will not be approved for use as a classroom.  The room may be used for meeting and events only.

    Recognized University, faculty, and staff groups and departments may schedule events / Meetings if available.  In addition, recognized University student groups may request scheduling. Live music or loud events NOT allowed before 5:00pm.  


    To CANCEL an event please do so with as much advance notice as possible and no less than 1 business day in advance by email to:  Andrea Tester

    See our calendar for available dates or upcoming events scheduled in the Conference Room.

    Use the request form to schedule an event.

    For help with scheduling, please contact Andrea Tester.

    For help with audio/visual (AV) training, please contact Katherine Alford.