About Us

The DSI Team is composed of staff and faculty who are experts in digital projects and scholarship, scholarly communication, copyright and intellectual property, data, digital tools for research, digitization, metadata, digital repositories, and electronic records management. We are here to assist any member of the university community with projects and with other scholars and organizations that seek to create robust digital products and projects. We offer options for open access publishing as well. Give us a call, email us, or use our web form to request a consultation.

Contact Us

Send an email to dsi@appstate.edu or contact:

Pam Mitchem, Coordinator of Digital Scholarship and Initiatives, x7422, pricemtchemp@appstate.edu
Management of team staff and activities, project management, outreach, consulting, training, data curation

Jonathan Candelaria, Business Applications Analyst, x2774, candelariajr@appstate.edu
Omeka development projects, programming, site/database development and administration

Agnes Gambill, Head of Scholarly Communications, x2825, gambillab@appstate.edu
Intellectual property, copyright, scholarly publishing

Matt Ransom, Digital Preservation Strategist, x7188, ransommw@appstate.edu
Curation and preservation of digital objects and electronic records, conversion of analog to digital

Dea Rice, Digital Projects Librarian, x6724, ricedm@appstate.edu
Digital project management, consulting, outreach

Adam Sheffield, Digitization Specialist, x6537, sheffieldad@appstate.edu
Analog to digital conversion of documents, still and moving images, and audio formats