Assistive Technology

The Assistive Technology Room helps patrons who have disabilitiies related to vision, hearing, learning, or mobility. The equipment available provide alternate ways to access and use library resources. The room is open and staff at the Library Service Desk can help users get started.

For in-depth assistance, contact Bryan Estel in Technology Services for an appointment:, 828-262-6589

Location of the Assistive Technology Room

The Assistive Technologies Room is located in Room 141, on the first floor of Belk Library across from the Library Service Desk.

Equipment and software available

  • JAWS For Windows: The most popular screen reader worldwide, JAWS for Windows works with your PC to provide access to today’s software applications and the Internet. With its internal software speech synthesizer and the computer’s sound card, information from the screen is read aloud, providing technology to access a wide variety of information, education and job related applications.
  • Zoomtext Xtra: The most advanced fully-integrated screen magnifier paired with a screen reader – designed specifically for the computer user with low vision. A screen magnification of 2x-16x is possible.
  • Kurzweil 3000: The comprehensive reading, writing, and learning software solution for any struggling reader, including individuals with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, attention deficit disorder or those who are English Language Learners.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking: Voice-activated software that allows the user to dictate into almost any windows-based application quickly and accurately. Without ever clicking your mouse, you can edit a document, control applications and manage your desktop – all through the sound of your voice.
  • CCTV: Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) or Video Magnifier is used for someone with low vision. The book, magazine, worksheet, etc. to be looked at is placed under the camera, and then the material is magnified through the camera to be looked at on a screen. The CCTV can do a contrast of black on white or white on black.
  • Print Station: The Print station in the Assistive Technology Room is at a height appropriate for patrons in wheelchairs.