International Television


The international television service in the following rooms of Belk Library and Information Commons.

  • Room 232
  • Room 234
  • Room 235

Each viewing room has a high quality flat screen television and a receiver linked to a satellite dish on the roof of the library. Each room also has a remote controller. You will find directions for using the system in the viewing rooms.

Checking out a viewing room

Go to the Library Service Desk on the first floor of Belk Library to check out a key for a viewing room.

Booking a viewing room

Rooms 234 and 235 may be reserved online through our room booking system.


The purpose of the international television service is to allow students to view TV broadcasting from other countries in languages other than English. We welcome your suggestions to help us improve the service. For questions about this service and recommendations for future programming, contact Allan Scherlen at 828-262-2285.


With a variety of non-English programming, international television will benefit two student groups in particular:

  • Students who are studying the languages and culture of other countries
  • Students from other countries studying at Appalachian State University


Programming ranges from news and sports to cooking, children’s programs, game shows, music, and other entertainment. Soccer fans were especially interested in this service during the World Cup.


Window to the World broadcasting includes seven international packages:

  • Arabic Elite Pack
  • Chinese Elite Pack (Mandarin)
  • TV5-Monde (French)
  • German Language Plus
  • Panorama Italiano Pack (Italian)
  • TV Japan (Japanese)
  • DishLATINO Classico (Spanish)

Other channels include Disney, NASA, and EuroNews (various European languages). See the channel guide below for listings by language. An online program guide is also available with detailed listings by channel.