Assistive Technology Room

Using this service

Current status: 
Key points: 
  • Location: Room 141, on the first floor of Belk Library to the right of the Library Service Desk
  • No appointment required unless in-depth assistance is needed
Available to: 
  • Students
  • Community & Alumni
  • Faculty & Staff

For in-depth assistance, contact Bryan Estel in Technology Services for an appointment:, 828-262-6589

About this service

The Assistive Technology Room (141) helps individuals with disabilities related to vision, hearing, learning, or mobility. The equipment available provides alternate ways to access and use library resources. The room is open and staff at the Library Service Desk can help users get started.

Equipment and software available

  • Mac Computers: These computers have built in accessibility tools such as Zoom, VoiceOver, Mouse & Keyboard Controls, and Invert Display Color.
  • PC Computers: These computers have Natural Reader, Narrator, Magnifier, and Read & Write. Coming Soon - Dragon Naturally Speaking.
  • EZSee Keyboards: Computers have keyboards with larger, bolder font.
  • CCTV: Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) or Video Magnifier is used for someone with low vision. The book, magazine, worksheet, etc. to be looked at is placed under the camera, and then the material is magnified through the camera to be looked at on a screen. The CCTV can do a contrast of black on white or white on black. The LookStation can provide color contrast.
  • Print Station: The Print station in the Assistive Technology Room is at an accessible height for individuals in wheelchairs.