Audiovisual Media Conversion

Using this service

Key points: 
  • Media Conversion Service order form
  • Turnaround time is approximately three days
  • Service fee may be waived for faculty who need media converted for educational use in their classroom
Available to: 
  • Students
  • Faculty & Staff

Paul Grant, manager of media conversion, or 828-262-8330

About this service

Technology Services in Belk Library and Information Commons has taken over the media conversion service from campus IT Support Services. This service is now available for ASU faculty, students, and staff at the Technology Checkout Desk on the Lower Level of Belk Library.

What Can I Have Converted and How Much Does It Cost?

We can convert non-copyrighted media or copyrighted media you have permission to duplicate. By signing the order form (see below), you acknowledge that you have permission to reproduce copyrighted material.

Exception: We will make one copy of an item that is copyrighted, such as a DVD, for campus faculty who use the item in their classrooms for educational purposes.

Media Conversion TypePricing
CD/DVD to CD/DVD$2.00
Video to DVD$5.00
VHS to VHS$2.50
SVHS to VHS$2.50
SVHS to SVHS$2.50
Cassette to CD$5.00
Other audio to CD$5.00

Payment terms: We only accept AppCards for payment; no cash is accepted.

Note to campus faculty: We will convert your VHS to DVD for free with the understanding that you will use the DVD in your classroom for educational purposes. For other conversions, we can charge your academic department for services rendered if you provide us with your department code when you submit the order form.

How Do I Submit a Request for Media Conversion?

If you would like to use this service, here are the steps involved:

  1. Bring your media to the Technology Checkout Desk during the hours we are open.
  2. Submit a Media Conversion Service order form or pick up a copy at the desk.
  3. The person in charge of media conversion will process your request within three days and charge your AppCard account (no cash accepted).
  4. We will notify you by phone or email when the conversion or duplication is complete.
  5. Pick up your media from the Technology Checkout Desk at your convenience.

Note: Turn around time is approximately three days.