First Year Seminar

Belk Library and Information Commons provides instruction in information literacy content to first year students through the FYS Online Library Component which is linked via AsULearn. The Online Library Component consists of four modules and a summative quiz designed to 1) facilitate consistent and standardized delivery of information literacy content, 2) ensure alignment with the General Education Goals Thinking Critically and Creatively and Communicating Effectively, and 3) introduce the core competencies of information literacy.

  • Module One: Exploring a Topic
  • Module Two: Find/Locate/Retrieve Materials
  • Module Three: Evaluate - Credibility and Authority
  • Module Four: Evaluate - The Value of Information
  • Final Graded Test

All modules are required as they provide a foundational introduction to the research process, however we recognize that research is often a non-linear and iterative process, and it may make sense for you to discuss and assign the modules in the order that best works within your course.

Each module includes a lesson plan, student learning outcomes, and activities to facilitate the learning and is designed to be introduced and discussed within the context of your First Year Seminar course. The modules function as reusable learning objects and students can go back and review the information as often as needed. Librarians will meet with FYS faculty to work to integrate the content seamlessly within the course.

The library’s move to a series of online instruction modules for First Year Seminar is the next logical step in our efforts to incorporate e-learning into our information literacy and instruction program. We look forward to working with FYS faculty to improve the instructional content within the module, assess student learning, and continue to provide opportunities for students to engage with librarians and the library.

How to use the FYS Online Library Component (PDF)

For more information or questions contact:

Kelly Rhodes McBride
Library Liaison to First Year Seminar programs
Coordinator Information Literacy and Instruction
Belk Library and Informatoin Commons