The Appalachian State University Libraries cultivate an environment where people discover, create, and share information that reflects the acquisition of 21st century knowledge skills. We are active partners in advancing the University’s principles of sustainability, social justice, inclusion, and global citizenship.

Library Instruction Program

We assist those who pursue knowledge by providing expertise in developing the core competencies of information literacy, technology, critical thinking, and communication skills. The University Library Instruction Program uses advanced pedagogical methods and practices to enable students to become active participants in the learning process by helping them think critically and creatively, communicate well, and employ effective strategies to collect and interpret information.

Instruction Program Goals

  1. To prepare Appalachian graduates for life in an information-based society, enabling them to make effective lifelong use of information, information resources, and information systems;
  2. To enable students to apply critical thinking to the discovery and use of information;
  3. To strengthen students’ information-seeking abilities as a fundamental component of their education at Appalachian so they are competent in using the resources and services of the University Libraries;
  4. To ensure that Appalachian faculty and staff are knowledgeable about the library’s teaching mission and the library/classroom partnerships and peer assistance programs we can provide;
  5. To ensure that Appalachian faculty and staff are aware of the resources and services of the University Libraries and can employ them effectively in their teaching and research.

More information

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