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Requesting Books
and Journal Articles  |  Using ASU Library Resources


Available locally - ASU, Western or UNC-A:

  1. Search the WNCLN library catalog.
  2. After finding the book you want, click the Request link.  Follow the prompts.
  3. Within the "Choose a Pickup Location" box, 
  • If the book is at ASU or Western, choose:    ASU Distance Learning
    • Item will be mailed to your home address (free of charge with a postage-paid return label).
  • If the book is at UNCA, choose:    UNCA Circulation Desk
    • Item will be held for you at the Ramsey Library Circulation Desk on the UNCA campus.
    • You must present your ASU ID card.
    • Please check your Patron Account first, to ensure that your record is valid. If you are not able to access your record, call the ASU library service desk at (828) 262-2818 for assistance.

Not available locally - mailed to you.

Use Interlibrary Loan's ILLiad system to request these books.

    1. Logon to ILLiad    (If you are you a first time ILLiad user? Register first.)
    2. After logging in, you will see ILLiad's Main Menu.  Under New Request find the Book option. Click on it.
    3. Complete the form. Submit Request when finished.
    4. The item will be mailed to your home address - free of charge with a postage-paid return label.
    5. Questions?  See the Document Delivery FAQ


Journal Articles

Search the journal/magazine title in the WNCLN online catalog.

The journal title IS listed in the online catalog.

Click on it so you see all the information available.

Is there is an indication of the journal being in electronic form, e.g. web access or online access?

Yes it is available online:

  1. Follow the prompts and locate the journal volume, issue, and pages you need.
  2. Click on the pdf, html or full-text link to view/print the entire article.

No it is not available online:

  1. Does UNCA own a print copyof the journal?
    • Go to Ramsey Library and make the copy yourself. This is the quickest way to obtain it.
  2. Does ASU or Western own a print copyof the journal?
    • Connect to ILLiad and submit an Article request.
    • Follow the ILLiad instructions below.
    • The article will be scanned and sent to you electronically.

The journal title IS NOT listed. You will also see a note: "No matches found."

Double-check your spelling and search for the journal title again. If it isn't listed then connect to ILLiad and submit an Article request.

  • Logon to ILLiad (to request an article not available electronically)
  • Are you a first time ILLiad user? Register first.
  • Once, you have logged on, you will see ILLiad's Menu.
  • The first option under New Request is Article. Click on it.
  • Complete the form. Click the Submit Request button when you are finished.
  • Remember you can check ILLiad's View Outstanding Requests to check the progress of your order.
  • If you requested electronic delivery, you will receive an e-mail message indicating when the article is available and instructions for downloading.


Using Appalachian's Library Resources

Using ASU Library's resources and databases will best support your ASU coursework.

  • Connect to ASU Library's Distance Education web pages.
  • When you link to a database, you will be prompted for your real name and your ASU Banner ID.
    Note: If you are employed or enrolled at UNC-A or Western you will also have a Banner ID from that institution.

    Need your ASU Banner ID?  Log in to AppalNet> Self Services Tab> display Banner ID