Linking to Fulltext Articles

The library provides many full-text resources through subscription databases and electronic journal collections. You may provide a link from your Moodle documents directly to these materials.

Certain databases provide "stable" or "persistent" links or "digital object identifiers" (DOI) for permanent access to these articles. Note that the DOI links will take you to the full citation with a link to the .pdf and/or .html file of the full document. If there are no stable URLs available, the link you create may not be available after your session. Instructions for linking to the stable URLs provided through some of our databases are available below.

Note: If you want students to access the materials off campus, the root URL must begin be 'wrapped' within the Library's proxy server address:

http://0-[root URL of material][remaining url of material]


*** Work on getting proxy tool in here ****

For further information about linking, please contact Andie Leonard or 828-262-7744.

For course reserves, please contact Karl Moretz ( or 828-262-2795)