Digital Media Studio - Room 355


What is the Digital Media Studio?

The DMS is an open multimedia lab for the ASU campus. Its purpose is to provide access to current software and hardware, but most of all we provide help. We call the DMS an open lab because you do not have to be part of a class or specific college to use our facilities.

What are your hours?

See our calendar on the top right of this page.

Do I have to make an appointment?

You sure don’t. If you just want to come see the lab, check out equipment, or use the computers you are welcome to just walk-in. If you need specific help on a project, then contact Hunter Phillips or Wil Cummings for a consultation.

Do you support classroom instruction?

Yes! If you would like to incorporate some form of digital media into your class, please talk to us first and we’ll work out the details of your assignment. Then the well-trained students in the DMS will assist your students in creating their projects. Please contact Wil Cummings for a consultation

Will you come demonstrate to my class?

Yes, if that is what we decide is the best choice for your assignment.

I would like to bring my class to the DMS. Is that something I can do?

Yes and No.  If you work out the details ahead of time with Wil Cummings then we can figure out how to get your students the help they need. Our space is limited for large classes and we must remain open to other patrons for equipment checkout and other lab offerings. Please do not just bring an entire class to the DMS without letting us know well ahead of time.

Do you have (X) software or can you get it?

If you know of a software package that will be well used in our lab, then please let us know. We want to match other campus areas to provide a wide variety of current software packages.

I asked a student about (X) and they did not know, I thought you guys knew everything!  Why did the student not know?

Each student in the DMS has a specific skill set. Some are video experts, some work with design and print, while others focus on audio.  If you think you will need specific help please let us know ahead of time.

Can I leave my files in the DMS?

You should backup your files before leaving the lab. These are public machines and files can be erased. We will try to keep your files but reserve the right to reformat machines if needed.

Do you fix personal laptops?

No, please go see TSS support in Anne Belk Hall.

Will you come video something for me?

That is not a service that the DMS provides.

What do you have in the DMS?

In Studio resources