Printing in Belk

Place Money on your APPCard Express Acount

The APPCard Express Account is used to print in the library and anywhere on campus.

Black and white printing is $ .03 per page and color is $ .50 for 8.5x11 and $2.00 for 11x17.

The Vending Card Kiosks are located near the Library Service desk.  You can add money to your APPCard Express Account, or to check the balance. You can also add money online with a Mastercard or Visa (with a $50.00 minimum)

Once you have money on your APPCard Express Account you are ready to print.

All computers in the library automatically print to 1 of 7 networked printers (or print stations) available in the library. Select "HP M606DN Printer" for black and white.

We also have one networked color printer: "HP 5550DN Color Laser Printer."

Select and Identify Your Print Job

At the computer, choose FILE > PRINT from your application or browser.

  • Verify the default printer is "HP M606DN Printer." If color is desired, select "HP 5550DN Color Laser Printer."
    print menu
  • After setting up your printing preferences you will see the screen to the right.
  • You can use your ASU Username, or ANY name and password combination. 
  • REMEMBER what name/password combination you use. 
  • Then take your APPCard to one of the seven print stations mentioned above and swipe your APPCard (thin black strip on the card) on top of the monitor. 
  • Look for the username you typed in. 
  • Click on the username and type in the password you used and your print job will be released.
    NOTE: Color print jobs can be released from either B&W print station on the main level.

Print Station Locations

  • Where are the B&W printers located?
         3 print stations on the 1st floor, against the wall with windows in the main computing area.
         1 print station on the Lower Level. 
         1 print station on 2nd floor
         1 print station on 3rd floor
         1 print station on the 4th floor (in the Appalachian Collection)
  • Where is the color printer located?
         On the 1st floor, against the wall in the main computing area. The color pinter is the larger unit of the four.
  • Doe the color printer print on both sides?
         No, the color printer will only do single sided prints.