Vending Machine

A vending machine is located on the lower level of Belk Library with electronic supplies for sale.

Supplies for sale

The vending machine has the following items for sale.

  • AAA batteries
  • AA batteries
  • Earbuds
  • DVD-R
  • CD-R
  • 8 GB flash drives
  • 16 GB flash drives
  • MicroSD card readers
  • Audio cables
  • USB 2.0 cables

Pricing and payment

Pricing varies from $1 to $8 depending on the product. You can press the selection on the keypad to see prices for each item.

You can pay for items using your AppCard or cash. If you use cash, note that the vending machine will only take exact change.

For more information about the vending machine, please contact the Tech Desk at 828-262-2735.