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Digital Scholarship and Initiatives (DSI) engages and partners with Appalachian faculty members, students, library colleagues, and the community to support new scholarship in a rapidly changing digital landscape. DSI provides and sustains innovative digital tools and publishing platforms for content delivery, discovery, analysis, data curation, and preservation. In line with the Library’s mission, we enhance student learning and encourage faculty research, primarily by providing access to and information about new methods of digital scholarship. We also lend support to campus faculty and students in the areas of copyright and intellectual property.

Digital Scholarship

Digital scholarship relies on digital technologies and new methods for the creation, dissemination and long term care of scholarly products and their underlying information, code and data. Digital technologies enable the emergence of new approaches to scholarship and utilization of a wide-range of tools that can enhance the development, analysis, assessment, and presentation of text and data. Products include digital media, web sites, archives of scholarly information, digital exhibits, and more. DSI provides consultations, project management, and collaboration for digital scholarship projects. We also support various tools and platforms for creating and disseminating content.

Digital Preservation and Access

Digital preservation is the life cycle management of digital content. We digitize multiple formats for Special Collections and digital projects and provide preservation services and access for these materials. Our Digital Collections consist of rare and historic materials including sound recordings, oral histories, Civil War letters, and images focusing on the Appalachian region, Appalachian State University, children’s literature, art, and theater. Our development site features faculty and student projects in a wide range of subjects. 

Digital Collections

Appalachian State University Digital Collections consists primarily of rare and historic materials. The materials include sound recordings, oral histories, civil war letters, newspapers, and images focusing on the Appalachian region, Appalachian State University, children’s literature, art, and theater.

Projects and Initiatives 

DSI collaborates with partners on digital projects and sponsors speakers, conferences, and workshops. We work with faculty and students on dissemination and management of datasets, creation of digital collections and webpages, and digital publishing. Faculty, do you have a digital assignment for your class? We will hold class sessions on digital preservation and access including creating digital content and using digital content management systems. Community members should contact us to determine whether we help with your projects.

Scholarly Communications and Scholarly Publishing Services

The libraries provide advisory services on copyright, fair use and intellectual property. We offer services and platforms for publishing open access journals and Open Educational Resources. We can also help you apply standards, best practices and metadata to your work. NC DOCKS serves as a trusted repository for managing scholarly content, including articles and data. Ask us how to make your work more discoverable and increase its impact.

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