Marketline Advantage


Provides information on 50000+ companies, 215 countries, 2000+ industries, live news feeds, 500 new comment and news articles per week, details of 3,000+ financial deals per month. MarketLine offers a comprehensive and unique collection of information in a variety of user-friendly formats, including interactive reports and databases. Compiled by their global research team, these products are ideal for helping you build a thorough understanding of markets, whether you’re researching for qualifications, jobs or business.

Subjects include:

  • Industry profiles offering standardized market data (including size & segmentation) and competitive analysis
  • Company profiles for 50,000 public and private companies giving detailed insight into how companies are organized and function
  • Country profiles presenting easy-to-digest summaries and standardized data
  • Base Drivers Database featuring key macro-economic, social, demographic and industry statistics for 215 countries
  • Live feed of news, comment and analysis to keep you fully up-to-date with all the latest business developments

Access is restricted to ASU students, faculty, and staff.

Number of simultaneous users: unlimited

Business–Best Bets
Finance, Banking and Insurance–Best Bets
Global Studies–Also Useful
Management–Also Useful
Marketing–Also Useful
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