Databases for Chemistry

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Provides indexing for over 12,000 academic journals, proceedings of international conferences, symposia, seminars, colloquia, workshops, and conventions, from three databases:

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Provides access to 35 peer-reviewed journals published by the American Chemical Society.

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Provides indexing to over 800 International English-language science and technology magazines and journals. Over 220 journals in full text.

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Bibliographic citations with abstracts derived from over 5,000 life sciences research journals published worldwide.

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Provides access to the CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics

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Contains citations from more than 1,500 domestic and international titles going back to the 1940s (including 1,094 active core titles) as well as more than 100 monographs.

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Provides full text access to over 1,100 scholarly journals, trade journals, and reports.

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Full text access to more than 1,200 journals from the Elsevier Science journal collection, indexing for 1,300 more.

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