Employee Years of Service Awards 2020-2022

At our first Library Wide meeting of the year, Dean Sue Polanka announced the Employee Years of Service Awards for 2020-2022


5 Years - Sujata Paudel, Jon Greene, Derena Bradley, Hannah Pope

10 Years - Jonathan Priest, Hunter Phillips, Jason Stamper, Jonathan Candelaria, Amy Love, Michael O’Hara

15 Years - Shannon McCluney, Jill Eller, Greta Browning, Scott Rice, Andrea Tester, Wil Cummings, Xiaorong Shao, Paul Grant

20 Years - Jason Wolfe, Ken Johnson, Allan Scherlen, Gary Boye
25 Years - Greg Beavers, Kelly Rhodes, Russell Paige, Thomas Main, John Doherty

30 Years - Leroy Watson, Lynn Patterson, Allan Duncan

35 Years - Dianna Johnson

Congratulations to you all!  We appreciate your hard work and dedication to App State and the University Libraries.

Published: Jan 24, 2023 4:39pm