Databases for Newspapers

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Provides primary sources for such diverse disciplines as cultural, literary, and social history, ethnic studies, and more.
Provides more than 40 fully searchable African newspapers published in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Includes more than 1,000 U.S. historical newspapers published between 1690 and 1922, including titles from all 50 states.
Appalachian region newspapers, television news transcripts, and web-only sources.
The experience and impact of African Americans as recorded by the news media, 1704 to 1975.
Delivers a wide range of local and regional voices to reflect the social, political, and cultural events of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries.
Covers over 200 Canadian newspapers including the complete available backfile for some newspapers, providing full text access to the articles, columns, editorials and features.
This publication is an indispensable resource for anyone wanting to understand the context of global trade and finance.
Search across a range of historical newspaper and periodical collections spanning 400 years.
Gale Primary Sources searches 18th Century Collections Online (ECCO), 19th Century Collections Online (NCCO), the Making of the Modern World, and Sabin Americana.
Find newswire content and news archives from around the world.
Digitized editions of Harper's Weekly from 1857 to 1877, America's leading 19th century illustrated newspaper.
The collection features over 200 Spanish-language newspapers published in the U.S. during the 19th and 20th centuries.
The experience and impact of Hispanic Americans as recorded by the news media, 1704 to 2009.
From historic pressings to contemporary periodicals, explore nearly 200 years of Indigenous print journalism from the U.S and Canada.
Provides information from more than 660 of the world's top newspapers, including The Times (London), The Bangkok Post, El Norte, Financial Times, The Guardian, and South China Morning Post.
Provides access to more than 280 Latin American newspapers published between 1805 and 1922.
Written in French, Le Monde provides day-to-day news coverage of French, European, and international issues and events affecting politics, society, business, and culture.
Coverage of the Los Angeles Times newspaper from Nexis Uni.
Contains the complete cover-to-cover paper for every issue, with full-page and article images in PDF format.
Covers the New York Times late edition (East Coast) (1980-present), the New York Times Magazine (1997-present), and the New York Times Book Review (1997-present).
Index to the Raleigh News & Observer newspaper for the years 1926-1992. The newspaper content is located in the microforms section on the lower level of Belk Library.
A full-text news resource consisting of more than 12,000 international, national, and local news sources from 1980 to present, updated daily.
NewsBank North Carolina provides 222 news sources from North Carolina, from 1985 to present, updated daily.
Provides full text coverage for 730 national and international newspapers, 16 North Carolina newspapers, and TV and radio news transcripts.
Provides online access to over 20,000 historical newspapers from all 50 U.S. states and 6 other countries, dating from the early 1700s into the early 2000s.
Features more than 15,000 news, business and legal sources from LexisNexis, including U.S. Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1790.
Digital facsimile images for hundreds of 19th century U.S. newspapers.
Contains 3.5 million pages of digitized content from over 1,000 North Carolina county newspapers.
Offers full text and full image articles for 13 large American daily newspapers and two daily British newspapers.
A streamlined platform for efficiently searching across Readex's historical collections: books, pamphlets, newspapers, government documents, and more.
Provides access to 75 regional business publications including journals, newspapers and newswires, and includes Business North Carolina.
Represents the largest single collection of seventeenth and eighteenth century English news media available from the British Library.
The Times Digital Archive (London) provides access to the entire newspaper including all illustrations and photos.
Leading Hispanic newspapers, news wires, websites and blogs in full text from U.S. publishers in both Spanish and English.
Offers access to the full text of over 1,300 newspapers, news websites, and blogs from throughout the United States.
The financial newspaper of record offering in-depth coverage of national and international finance as well as coverage of hard news.
The financial newspaper of record offering in-depth coverage of national and international finance as well as coverage of hard news (1889-1994).
Newspaper known for its national political coverage, international reporting, and investigative reporting.
Newspaper known for its national political coverage, international reporting, and investigative reporting (1877-1995).
Offers access to statutes, cases, and regulations of all fifty states as well as all federal jurisdictions.