Library Instruction Rooms (024 & 026)

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  • Faculty & Staff

For questions or help with scheduling, contact Ken Johnson ( or (828-828-2776).

About this service

The library instruction rooms are reserved exclusively for library instruction during the fall semester from the first day of classes through November 11 and spring semester from the first day of classes through April 21. ASU faculty and staff may request to use these rooms after these dates provided they are available. Use of these rooms is contingent on abiding by the library’s policies. The schedule availability of library instructions rooms is subject to change.

  • Room 024 contains 32 desktop workstations and a desktop workstation at the podium
  • Room 026 - contains 24 laptops and desks for up to 28. It is the responsibility of the individual or organization making the request to return this room to the default setup. Any individual or organization that does not do so may be prohibited from using this room in the future.

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See our calendar (click on “Instruction Rooms”) for available dates.