Mission and Vision

Provide a welcoming environment where all AppState students, faculty and staff have the opportunity and means to make, create, and learn. The Makerspace is an inclusive space that strives to advance creativity and experiential learning while also providing the tools and knowledge to allow the AppState community to make at every skill level.  

Expectation of Conduct

  • Users will treat the space, the equipment, and each other with respect and collegiality.
  • Users will put tools back where they found them, and clean up their work areas before leaving the space.
  • Users will not use any tool on which they have not been trained.
  • Users will not take any tools from the Makerspace.
  • Users will attest to the best of their ability that they are legally able to use any files, ideas, data, or other materials. Violation of trademarks, patents, intellectual property rights, and copyright are prohibited.
  • Users will work alongside Makerspace staff to maintain an open, welcoming environment that is guided by creative thought and the Maker Competencies.

Conditions of Use

  • Users must be a current Appalachian student, faculty member or staff member, or a local public teacher.
  • Users must be trained on the tools that they would like to use.
  • Users must remain in the Makerspace to use the materials. Poster board, construction paper, etc. are not available on a “grab and go” basis.
  • Users who take advantage of the materials/equipment (ie. those who use the space as a business workshop, those who overuse certain materials, etc.) may be asked to limit their usage or leave.
  • Users who create 3D prints are expected to pick up their print within 30 days of email notification of completion. Any unclaimed prints will be forfeit, and the user who failed to pick up their print will have their 3D printing privileges evaluated. 
  • Users who do not follow the Expectations of Conduct may be banned from the space.


Applies to: 

Hannah Pope, Emerging Technologies Librarian

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