VR Studio


The Virtual Reality Studio is available to all AppState faculty, staff and students.

The VR Studio must be booked either for instruction through our Technology Instruction Request Form (classwork only) or individually through our room booking system. Walk-ins are allowed, however the reservation must be made in the space prior to using a workstation.

Individuals can log into their own STEAM accounts for usage of the machines, but must log out prior to ending their reservation. The default workstations have access to a University Libraries STEAM account with experiences already available.

Groups must be 5 people or fewer if using a singular headset. If there is a group of more than 5, then another workstation must be reserved.

Reservations are limited to two hours.

If a class needs to use the entirety of the VR Studio, there is a possibility that an individual reservation will be canceled. If that is the case, then the user will be contacted via email about the cancellation no later than a week and a half prior to the original reservation.

AppState large groups, clubs, etc. are permitted to use the VR Studio but need to contact Hannah Pope (popehl@appstate.edu) before reserving.

There is no food allowed in the space, although covered drink containers are permitted.


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Hannah Pope (popehl@appstate.edu)

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