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RAP Session

Schedule a RAP session to meet one-on-one with a librarian (in person or virtually) for research help.

In Person

Librarians are available at the Library Service Desk for research help (main floor).

Distance Education

Learn about targeted services for you or call 1-877-423-0086.


  • Library Service Desk: 828-262-2818.
  • Digital Media Studio: 828-262-7328
  • Instructional Materials Center (IMC): 828-262-7361
  • Interlibrary Loan: 828-262-2826
  • Library Administration: 828-262-2188
  • Music Library: 828-262-2388
  • Special Collections: 828-262-4041
  • Technology Checkout Desk: 828-262-2735
  • University Archives: 828-262-7424
  • University Writing Center: 828-262-3144
  • Wired Scholar Coffee Shop: 828-262-3551