Group Study Rooms

Group study rooms are closed indefinitely due to COVID. 

Study rooms are in high demand when classes are in session. Reservations are recommended, but not required.

Availability: Group study rooms are available for ASU students, faculty, and staff. The study rooms are not locked and no key is required to access the rooms.

Usage: Study rooms are intended for use by two or more people for group study. They are not to be used as classrooms. You may use a group study room without a reservation unless someone has booked the room at the same time.

Reservations: You may only make one booking at a time. Maximum time is four hours. Someone with a reservation has preference for the room at the reserved time. If you use a study room without a reservation, we ask that you vacate the room to honor those with advanced bookings.

Cancellations: If you cannot honor your reservation, please cancel your room booking.

Lost or stolen items: Do not leave personal items unattended. Belk Library is not liable for lost or stolen items.

Assistance: If you need assistance with booking or clearing a study room, please come by the Library Service Desk or call the desk at (828) 262-2818.

See also policies and procedures for the Graduate Student Lounge and Faculty Lounge.