Borrowing - UNC system, Lees-McRae, and Jung Tao

Using this service

Key points: 
  • App State students can borrow materials from other UNC system schools
  • Students, faculty, and staff at UNC system schools, Lees-McRae College, and Jung Tao may use Appalachian State's library
  • Procedures vary by school
Available to: 
  • Students
  • Community & Alumni

Main Service Desk: 828-262-2818

About this service

App State students borrowing from UNC system schools

  • The UNC Cooperative Borrowing Agreement provides you the ability to go to any of the 17 UNC System school libraries and check out material using your AppState ID.
  • At the other library, you will be asked to login through UNC Reciprocal Borrower Authentication to verify you are a currently enrolled student and eligible for the service.
  • If the library does not honor your AppState ID, please ask them to call Belk Library Circulation at 828-262-2818 so your status can be verified.

UNC system patrons borrowing from App State

Verify patron privileges here by asking the patron to login to their home institutions account page.

University Library Advisory Council Cooperative Direct Borrowing Agreement

This cooperative library lending agreement brings together the participating libraries of the constituent institutions of the University of North Carolina in a cooperative direct borrowing program that constitutes one aspect of a policy of broad sharing of library resources.

Persons eligible and registration procedures

Eligible participants in this program include faculty, students, and staff who can be identified in their home library’s patron database. To facilitate this identification a UNC Patron Authentication web page has been created. It is currently located at It is the responsibility of the home library to maintain on the UNC Patron Authentication page current information about the classes and statuses of individuals who can borrow library materials under this agreement. It is the responsibility of the home library to insure that their patrons receive instruction on how to access their patron records and that this information is available on its website.

Once it has been determined that a patron is eligible to borrow library materials under this agreement, the lending library is responsible for registering the borrower in its own database as a ULAC Cooperative Borrower. Policies governing the ULAC Cooperative Borrower class are to be determined by the lending library. Patrons must present a photo ID at registration and checkout to allow patron identification.

Library privileges

Privileges shall include bookstack access and home-use borrowing. All materials borrowed under this agreement shall be subject to the ULAC Cooperative Borrower patron class guidelines of the lending library. All loan procedures and all charges assessed for the cooperative user for overdue books, lost books, or damaged materials shall likewise, be based on the policies of the lending library.

The lending library reserves the right to refuse borrowing and building-use privileges to any individual who violates the regulations of that library. Any library may deny cooperative borrowing privileges to any prospective borrower who is delinquent at his or her home library or in any of the cooperating libraries.

Cooperative member responsibilities

The lending library is responsible for collecting fines and, where appropriate, replacement and processing costs from delinquent patrons. If all reasonable attempts to retrieve library materials from patrons are unsuccessful, the home library will reimburse the lending library for the materials and processing costs. The home library will not be responsible for paying the lending library for fines accrued.

The lending library shall set policies regarding the collection of delinquent fines and reimbursement. These policies should be posted by the lending library on its Patron Authentication page.

Adopted by the University Library Advisory Council May 23, 2003.

Lees-McRae College

Agreement signed October, 2001

This agreement, effective September 10, 2001, is entered into by and between Appalachian State University (ASU) and Lees-McRae College (LMC) for the purposes of establishing terms and conditions under which ASU will make certain library resources available for use by authorized students, faculty, or staff of LMC.


This agreement will become effective on September 10, 2001, and will continue in effect indefinitely unless terminated by either party upon thirty (30) days written notice.

ASU agrees:

  1. To make borrowing privileges available to faculty, staff and students of LMC upon presentation of a valid Lees-McRae picture ID and an Authorization Form signed by a Lees-McRae librarian. Services that will not be provided by ASU Library under this agreement include, but are not limited to: loans of periodicals, audiovisual materials (including films/videos/DVDs), microforms, reserve materials, or any non-circulating or restricted items; librarian-mediated online searches; remote access to electronic materials; or, ABC Express or interlibrary loans.
  2. To grant access within ASU Library to all books, reference materials, periodicals, microform materials, and non-reserve electronic resources.

LMC agrees:

  1. To make a one-time, non-refundable payment to ASU Library in the sum of $250.00.
  2. To, when faculty, staff and students fail to do so, accept financial responsibility for the return of borrowed materials, and pay ASU for lost materials or other outstanding obligations arising under this agreement upon receipt of a statement from ASU Library pursuant to the charges and fines schedule set forth in Appendix A to this agreement.

Either institution may revoke the borrowing privileges of any faculty, staff, or student of LMC upon written notice.

Appendix A

Borrowing Library Materials from Appalachian State University

To provide wider access to information sources, Lees-McRae College may offer its students, faculty, and staff personal borrowing privileges at Appalachian State University Library. This borrowing agreement is initiated by bringing an Authorization Form with an authorized signature.

The following conditions apply:

  1. A LMC ID card and the signed authorization form must be presented to the library service desk to borrow ASU materials.
  2. Borrowing regulations from the ASU libraries include:
    1. Three week loan period for circulating books, except for Browsing and circulating Appalachian Collection materials which are loaned for two weeks. Renewals may be permitted on some items and are automatically granted if there are no holds on the item. Telephone and online renewals are permitted.
    2. Items are subject to immediate recall, which may modify the due date.
    3. Fines will be computed at the rate of $0.20 per day, to a maximum of $15 per item.
    4. Failure to return items within 30 days of the due date will result in a bill for a replacement. The bill includes a $20 processing fee, and an average cost of the item charged to the borrower. For most items the average cost is $40.00.
    5. A borrower is blocked from borrowing additional library materials when a fine or other outstanding obligation of $60 has accumulated.
    6. Continued assessment of overdue fines will result in the suspension of borrowing privileges at ASU Library and sanctions authorized by LMC policies.
  3. Notices are sent to email addresses. Should a patron not have an email address, notices may be sent by postal mail. Failure to receive or read a notice does not release the patron from overdue fines and bills.
  4. Privileges expire on the date indicated on the Authorization Form.
  5. Faculty, staff and students must present their LMC card in order to borrow materials. ASU will affix an ASU patron barcode to the LMC card. The person to whom the card has been issued is responsible for its use, including any misuse. If a card is lost or stolen, the party to whom it was issued will be held responsible until it is reported to a fulltime ASU Library staff member.

Library Responsibility Form (Authorization Form)

To gain access to these privileges, the individual must:

  1. be currently enrolled at Lees-McRae.
  2. complete the responsibility form at Lees-McRae and obtain an authorized signature.
  3. present the Responsibility Form and a valid Lees-McRae ID to the library service desk at Belk Library for registration in the patron database.

The following conditions apply:

  1. No fee is charged.
  2. Borrowing regulations are determined by ASU Library.
  3. Each person taking advantage of the privileges provided by this agreement acknowledges responsibility to return materials to the ASU Library.
  4. Each person borrowing materials under this agreement is obligated to reimburse ASU Library in the same manner as if materials were borrowed from Lees-McRae and shall, in default, be obligated for charges to Lees-McRae and subject to withholding of payments and transcripts, and other similar sanctions applied to Lees-McRae students.
  5. Privileges expire on the date set by Lees-McRae.

Agreement updated in 2004 to reflect the fact that Lees-McRae no longer uses validation stickers on their IDs.

Jung Tao School for Classical Chinese Medicine

Agreement Dated October 5, 1999

Students at Jung Tao School for Classical Chinese Medicine may check out materials from the Appalachian State University Library with a valid Jung Tao School identification card. All Appalachian Library rules and regulations will apply to Jung Tao School students, and are subject to change at the discretion of the Library Administration.

Jung Tao School students are responsible for paying their overdue fines. There is a four-day grace period following the due date for which no fines are charged. The fine rate is twenty cents per day per book. One overdue notice will be sent to the student. If material is not returned within three weeks of the due date, the account will be considered delinquent. Two weeks prior to the end of the Jung Tao School term, information concerning delinquent accounts will be forwarded to Jung Tao School. If the School is unable to ensure the students clear their delinquent accounts at the Appalachian Library, then the School will assume responsibility for clearing the accounts. At the commencement of this agreement, Jung Tao School will make an initial deposit of $250 to the Appalachian Library. This amount will cover the replacement cost for any lost item plus unpaid fines. If items are not returned and fines paid within two months following notification to Jung Tao School, the amount will be deducted from the deposit. No reimbursements/credits will be issued. Once the deposit is depleted, Jung Tao School will make another deposit in an amount to be determined.

Services that will not be provided by Appalachian State University Library under this agreement include, but are not limited to: loans of periodicals, microforms, reserve materials, films/videos/dvds, materials from the Music Library and the Appalachian Collection, or any non-circulating or restricted items; librarian mediated online searches; ABC Express or Interlibrary Loan; or remote access to electronic resources.

Agreement amended by Appalachian, January 9, 2007

Since Jung Tao School for Classical Chinese Medicine is no longer issuing Jung Tao School identification cards, students at Jung Tao School for Classical Chinese Medicine must present a letter on Jung Tao letterhead, signed by a Jung Tao official and indicating that they are currently enrolled in the program. Appalachian State University Library will then provide them with a library card and privileges until the end of the current Appalachian academic term.